legal Collections

“The road to success is innovation”

BNI Attorneys’ collection services include:

  • Pre – Legal Collections as well as Legal Collections
  • Litigation


Tracing, Listing and Delisting

With our Default Listing service, BNI Attorneys can assist you with getting your money back by listing default debtors on the Credit Bureaus’ databases. We provide the debtor with 21 working days to resolve the alleged outstanding balance by either paying the monies due or disputing the matter.

Should the matter not be resolved within the prescribed period, we instruct the Credit Bureaus to list the payment default, which impacts the debtor’s creditworthiness and making it impossible for them to obtain any further credit. Once the defaulter settles the outstanding amount in full, our Member will instruct us

Bulk processing

Our advanced systems and processes enable us to draft and process legal documents in bulk. Our skilled attorneys ensures that all the information populated is accurate and correct, including compliance with the required legislation. This ensures that legal documentation is processed in bulk and sent out immediately upon receipt of handover.

BNI Attorneys has experience in collections across all products and industries:

  • Banking and Financial Services, Private Sector, Public Sector, Parastatal
  • Medical, Retail, Education, Insurance
  • Secured and Unsecured Lending,
  • Municipal Debt
  • Telcos
  • Residential customer / debtors
  • Home Loans customer / debtors
  • Commercial
  • Miscellaneous customer / debtors
  • Trade Customer / debtors


BNI Attorneys utilises a multitude of resources to assist Clients with debt collection. We acknowledge that the road to our clients’ success, depends on innovative, high-quality results at economical rates.

We aim to collect as much of the outstanding debt as possible within the ambit provided for by the rule of court and professional ethics. In accordance with these aims, we undertake to exercise our services in a strict, ethical, and professional manner.

What set us apart, from our competitors are, inter alia, the following value-added services:

  • eColls -digital credit management platform that reward payment behaviour;
  • Data Analysis (contactability, data authentication, propensity to pay, debtor scoring);
  • Adverse listing of debtors (listing and delisting);
  • Call Centre Collections (Pre-legal stage & in support of legal stage where required);
  • Tracing and searches of individuals, companies, and properties;
  • Field Agents to deliver and/ or attend to signature of documents;
  • Payment switch: Debit Order’s, Verification Services (ID, Bank Account, Biometric);
  • Call centre communication aligned with the legal processes;