labour law

Within Labour Law, we specialize in aiding Clients in respect of the following:


  • Representation at the CCMA, Labour Court, and Labour Appeal Court on unfair dismissals – We, as your legal representatives, will lead, prepare, and draft documents on your behalf and represent you during all the above proceedings.
  • Disciplinary codes and conducts – BNI Attorneys can assist you in drafting or amending any disciplinary codes and procedures to ensure certainty and consistency to eliminate future difficulties.
  • Advise and assist in process and compliance with Section 189 of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 procedures(retrenchments) – BNI Attorneys will ensure that all the requirements as stipulated in the Act are met to eliminate all future difficulties that might occur because of non-compliance with the requirements.
  • Drafting disciplinary documentation, attending disciplinary hearings and provide you with the procedures for informal inquiries, disciplinary actions, and dismissals – We can assist you in drafting all necessary documentation relevant to disciplinary hearings, inform you of step-by-step procedures of informal inquiries, disciplinary actions and dismissals and attend to disciplinary hearings on your behalf should third party assistance be required.
  • Out of Court Negotiation and settlement of labour disputes whether with individual employees or the bargaining unit represented by a union – BNI Attorneys assist our clients with the entire legal process leading up to the trial – including entering settlement negotiations with the opposing parties to attempt to settle out of court and by doing so save costs for our clients.
  • Negotiating & Drafting employment contracts – BNI Attorneys can assist you with the negotiating and drafting of employment agreements, taking into consideration the key concerns normally associated with employment agreements to draft your ideal employment contract.
  • Discrimination in the workplace – BNI Attorneys can assist our clients in these proceedings by preparing documents and briefing our clients before conciliation at the CCMA commences. We can also assist you at Arbitration proceedings and in the Labour Court.