Our Commercial & Corporate Agreements services allow us to use our extensive knowledge of the Companies Act. Moreover, we have the skills and resources in order to assist you in how to go about your commercial or corporate dealings.

As such, BNI can therefore assist our clients in the drafting of various commercial agreements. We also support our clients through our Commercial & Corporate Agreements services in the improvement of corporate governance and client relations.

BNI can also assist with merger and acquisition of companies.

Commercial Law

Commercial & Corporate Agreements services are different although they fall under the same protection in terms of the Companies Act.

Commercial Law is the law which governs the rights, conduct of individuals and relations between people and businesses who engage in various processes. This includes commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales.

We help our clients in guaranteeing that they are compliant and understand all sections of agreements. Furthermore, we look to help you to mitigate any threat to you or your business in both the public and private law settings.

Whether you are a start-up or an established company we will assist you through our knowledge on Commercial & Corporate Agreements.

Corporate Law

Corporate law differs in the fact that there are factors between legal entities which are of more concern than compared to commercial law. Furthermore, our job is to enter into the correct negotiations with the entity, particularly during mergers and acquisitions.

We also look to ensure that all sections of the Commercial & Corporate Agreements are lawful under the Companies Act.

There are a number fo facets to consider including negotiable debt instruments, labour and property issues in terms of ownership. Likewise, these factors need to be taken into consideration and have the right eyes looking for any issues before a transfer can be completed.

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