Allow us to provide you with Commercial Litigation services which takes a comprehensive approach. Our team has extensive knowledge of the Companies Act. BNI can therefore assist our clients in the drafting of various commercial agreements.

BNI also assists in the improvement of corporate governance and client relations through Commercial Litigation services. BNI will help our clients in the processes and procedures of the merger and acquisition of companies.

Furthermore, we provide and draft any form of contract or agreement. Our Commercial Litigation services team can support you with reviewing existing contracts to legislative compliance.

BNI carries the best interest of the client at heart and facilitates the optimal implementation of agreements.


Comprehensive Service


We cover a wide variety of services under the umbrella of Commercial Litigation. Allow us to ensure that matters and contexts pertaining to legal disputes are dealt with in the most responsible and direct way.

Furthermore, allow us to use our resources in order to guarantee you are in the desirable position you want to be in.

With a fair conclusion always in our mind we want all parties come out in the most favourable way. Our clients are assured that they will have the best legal representation and advice available.

Browse through our website today and fine the services you require. Likewise, feel free to contact us for more information on our services, expertise and resources.

If you have been exploited in any way through the breach of any legal agreement or dispute we can support you.

Let us solve your disputes most efficiently and effectively possible. Moreover, allow us to try and do so in a way that ensures working relationships are not severed.

Get in contact today and let us discuss your next viable course of action between you, your company and those who have wronged you.